Are you interested in learning how to last longer in bed? Over 36 million of men from around the world are suffering from premature ejaculation, and statistics have shown that in every 10 men, 7 of them would like to learn how to last longer before coming. Premature ejaculation is the inability to delay your orgasm until the time that would like too. Basically, if you can’t control your ejaculation until a time you wish, usually when you and your partner are satisfied then you can consider it a premature orgasm. If this happens all the time or nearly all the time to the point where your relationship is threatened then you can safely say that you suffer from rapid ejaculation. You need to understand that rapid or fast ejaculation is not a disease, it is a condition. Since you were able to acquire it, you are able to cure it.

how to last logner in bed

What are some premature ejaculation causes? 

  • Biological causes are also common reasons. An example of this includes having a thyroid problem. Do not think, however, that having a condition like this automatically means you will suffer from ejaculatory problems.
  • Most premature ejaculation causes revolve around psychological issues. Many experts generally believe anxiety or other psychological causes are the most common reasons resulting in this issue. Psychological factors such as guilt, lack of confidence, stressful feelings and even the sense of being hurried are known to be causes that affect men regardless of age. This means that a person, whether young or old, can ejaculate prematurely if he suffers from these emotions or psychological states.
  • Premature Ejaculation causes could be dislike towards partners and spouses too: If the man does not like his sexual partner by any account, this may result in premature ejaculation. For instance if the man has external sexual relationship and least interested in the one with who he is lovemaking. In other cases, there are certain positions that men are tend to come earlier. The most famous one is missionary position wherein the man is on the top of his sexual partner facing each other. This is because the pose of man-on-top requires him to work for his body weight to bear and hence, they need to squeeze and work with pelvic and thigh muscles. These are the muscles actively participate in reaching the orgasm.
  • Premature ejaculation causes can often include a male’s childhood & they way he was brought up. If he has masturbated regularly over a lengthy period of time, achieving quick ejaculation can become habitual through the fear of being caught & the embarrassment that goes with it. This problem is rarely a result of physical disabilities so if you do have issues in this area, be assured that your sex life will not suffer for your entire life.

How to last longer in bed naturally?

  • It’s extremely important that you stay calm during sex. Sure this may seem hard with your partner laying their naked in front of you, and the thoughts going through the back of your mind about wanting them to achieve an orgasm. But with a cool, calm attitude you will last longer in bed guaranteed. If you go in with thoughts like “I hope she has an orgasm” or “I hope I can get it right this time” than you are just setting yourself up failure. Have a nice calm attitude and tell yourself everything will be fine and if it happens it happens and if it doesn’t it doesn’t.
  • Controlling your breathing is another great technique that will help you last longer in bed. The key here is to feel your breathing. At first, you will notice that your heartbeat and your breathing are very fast. This means that your body is excited and tensed. Try to change it by breathing deep and slow. This will also help you body to become relax.
  • Many men are unaware of the time that foreplay can take. By licking and rubbing the breasts, men can increase the time in which they can relate to their women. Many men can hold the woman in their arms while they cradle their breasts and kiss their neck. This will help the women get to their orgasms and is a better bet for a longer lasting experience. Also, men also envision women getting on their knees in order to become more sexually stimulated. These women can also return the favor indirectly by allowing the men to run their tongues through their strong muscle known as the vagina.
  • Changing position. When you are about to ejaculate, you may act like you are trying to change sexual position instead of trying to stop your movement in order to avoid ejaculation. Besides, there are some sexual positions that can help you to control over your ejaculation as well, such as, the girl-on-top position.
  • Get a stronger abs and upper body. Getting stronger abs and upper body will help you to increase your body control and to thrust more efficiently during sex. It will also help your support muscles, so it won’t get tired that much. Besides, you know, it looks better for your girl. Even if you don’t have problems with the premature ejaculation, you can do this! It always helps!

how to last longer in bed

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how to last longer in bed

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